Mike Miro

No stranger to electronic music, Mike Miro has evolved with the scene since the early-90s. With 20+ years of DJ experience, and an unrelenting passion for discovering new sounds; Miro’s style combines a refinement that comes only with experience and a relevance that can only be found on the cutting edge.

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With the music library and the skills to do so, Miro keeps his mixes dynamic. Drawing on inspiration from his experience across the spectrum of the electronic music scene, Miro knows how to play to his crowd; any crowd.

Growing up on Vinyl from 96′-07′ he transitioned to CDs and USBs as digital became the dominant format for new music and unreleased tracks. A master of the craft, still today Miro prefers to rely on his senses as a CD/USB DJ; feeling and connecting with the crowd in a way that Laptop DJing doesn’t allow.

Mike is best known for his highly acclaimed signature dj mixes. Having evolved with house music, there isn’t a sound that Mike is scared of; Disco, Deep, Acid, Progressive, Tech, Breaks, etc. and the track selection is always fresh.

Mike stays out of the red. With 11+ years of pro audio experience he respects all gear as if it were his own. Miro reciprocates the courtesy he is shown being invited into the club.